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Our mission is to enable farmers/entrepreneurs to create a sustainable seafood industry. The Indian Aqua provides turnkey solutions for the design, construction and management of aquaculture facilities. We differentiate ourselves from others by providing the entire scope of the aquaculture project.

Intensive Aquaculture Solutions

“The Indian Aqua” works to its fullest capacity to address quality solutions for the Indian aquaculture related gaps. In this regard we are working with “Upgrade Solutions” who are the pioneers in providing scientific models to ensure a quality end product.

“Upgrade Solutions” is an Israel based company working under dynamic leadership of highly reputed subject matter experts.The main attribute in our association is of giving quality services to associates with a constructive frame work and precised planing. Both the companies are aimed to work together hand in hand for a life time and or open to negotiate the actual aqua needs of Indian subcontinent.

Our approach is simple to give a trustworthy, precised, authenticated solution to our service seekers, making sure of sure shot success for all of us. And our business approach is simple to grow on word of mouth; our philosophy is wellness of the society.

Our Process

Major revolution aspect of this model is its plug and play attribute further simple, flexible and sustainable ensuring long-term impact













Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

The iAquaLifeNet community fish farming program is designed to increase the income of farmers across the Indian subcontinent. It uses the latest technology in biological filtration and aquaculture to assist farmers in producing more fish and shrimps in less time, using fewer resources and less land.

The iAquaLifeNet model is simple, flexible and sustainable, ensuring long-term impact. It can be adapted to upgrade existing infrastructure, to increase the yields of existing fish and shrimp farms, or to build new enterprise networks.

  • Water – iAquaLifeNet system requires minimal water – its biofilters recycle 85% of the water
  • Energy – iAquaLifeNet technology requires minimal energy consumption
  • Food Source – fish is a major source of protein and can be transported to local markets or processed for wider distribution
  • Cost-Effective – low cost system, quick and easy to set up, with a small land footprint, generating income within 4 months


The Indian Aqua” works to its fullest capacity to address quality solutions for the Indian aquaculture related gaps.

Being an Indigenous enterprise easy to reach respective customers in their local languages. This facilitates the total telephonic conversation towards a homogenous, constructive outcome. Total outcome is shared among our expert panel to give a precised, tailor made solutions.

The Indian Aqua specializes in turnkey fish farms from design, construction, management support and training. The Indian Aqua delivers solutions for commercial clients, government bodies, educational institutions, and research organizations. We are committed to work with our customers to ensure that their aquaculture project success.

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The Indian Aqua can help you to build a network of community fish farms – backyard fish pools designed to operate at low cost and generate high returns.

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